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Romanen afsluttet!

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Jeg kundgør hermed, at min roman med arbejdstitlen “Q.E.D.” dags dato er færdiggjort kl. 14.15, og hurtigst muligt vil blive sendt ind til et større københavnsk forlag!

Det er i sandhed en glædens dag, idet jeg har arbejdet imod dette øjeblik on-off i to år. Jeg byder hermed på virtuel champagne!

Skrevet af Lars Hvidberg

13. August, 2004 @ 14:22

Kategorier: Ego

11 kommentarer til 'Romanen afsluttet!'

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  1. Tillykke! Det er en stor dag, som fortjener andet en virtuel champagne. Kan du løfte en smule på sløret for indholdet?

    Ole Birk Olesen

    13. Aug 04 @ 14:31

  2. Mange tak! Jeg kan sige så meget at den handler om forkvaklet kærlighed, men gør alle gode romaner ikke det?

    Lars Hvidberg

    13. Aug 04 @ 14:37

  3. Tillykke du gamle :-)

    Morten Wittrock

    13. Aug 04 @ 14:47

  4. Congratulations, Lars! Be sure to report when book is published and how it can be ordered. I’m especially interested in this endeavor of yours since I’m currently giving birth to a novel taking place in Roskilde and Copenhagen (and Vindinge, of all places) during World War II. This will be my first work of fiction. Originally, I was a journalist in Denmark (Aalborg and Fyns Stisftstidende, Copenhagen redaktion), then in the US, working for weekly and daily newspapers. For years now, I’ve freelanced articles for for trade and consumer magazines as well as for syndication to US newspapers. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been able to make a decent living as a freelancer, but having discovered what fun it is to write fiction, I may soon drop my non-fiction efforts. However, I also find fiction daunting… My characters often occupy my sleep and dreams and I wake up with entire sequences ready to be put on paper. And thanks to you and your commentators for your thoughtful response to my question re anti-American feelings. I think everyone of your were right on.


    Lis Pace

    lis pace

    13. Aug 04 @ 17:14

  5. Tillykke med det, Lars.



    Daniel Beattie

    13. Aug 04 @ 19:51

  6. Tillykke med det Lars! Jeg glæder mig til at læse dit værk.


    13. Aug 04 @ 23:54

  7. tillykke!!

    jeg glæder mig til at læse den :-)

    Morten Wilken

    15. Aug 04 @ 10:14

  8. Tak, tak alle sammen.

    Lis – I’ll make sure to report what’ll happen to the book. Funnily enough, I’m working on a WWII novel as well. ;-)

    Lars Hvidberg

    16. Aug 04 @ 09:07

  9. Lars, in particular, and other Danes as well: researching my upcoming World War II novel, which is set in Denmark, I came across some startling info and was wondering if this is something that has been generally discussed in Denmark.

    1) Denmark was actually lucky to be occupied by Hitler because there was an allied plan all Oked to take place a few days after April 9. This plan, intiated and pushed by France, which wanted to avoid Germans walking across their borders, consisted of the allied landing in Norway and Denmark to create a Northern front. Hitler’s ovvupation precented this from taking place. Obviously, if the allied had landed, Denmark would have wound up flattened. 2) There was treason at the highest government levels to make it easy for the Germans to occupy Denmark. (Udenlandsministeren had a gay son, who got in trouble in Hamburg so Goebbels was able to blackmail Minister (I’ve forgotten his name) into seeing to it that there were no troops or planes or anything else available to resist. The planes were ordered taken apart for repairs, etc. on April 8.


    lis pace

    16. Aug 04 @ 22:58

  10. Lis,

    Tanks for the info. I’ve heard about the Northern-front scenario, which I guess was one of the reasons why Hitler wanted to be ‘first in the North’. Personally I would doubt what you write about P. Munch’s gay son, as there had been very little preparation for war (quite the opposite in fact) all through the 30’es. But of course it’s a possibility. Which sources do you have?


    Lars Hvidberg

    17. Aug 04 @ 09:03

  11. Tillykke Lars! Jeg er spændt på hvad du har kreeret…

    Torben Sangild

    17. Aug 04 @ 14:27

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