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The Wave Magazine har offenliggjort den defintive liste over nørd-hobbies, inklusive skaderne for ens offentlige omdømme eller sex-liv, hvis man skulle være udøvende nørd. Vi tager et enkelt udpluk – som jeg desværre må regne mig selv for at have været ramt af (ikke længere!!!!):

9. Role Playing Games

Public Humiliation: 63.4%

Dungeons and Dragons combines the nerdiness of a fantasy setting with the fruitiness of improvisational theatre, and as if that weren’t enough for them to deal with, the rest of us think these people are going to go crazy and kill us. It’s really hard for society to do more to tell you that if you play this game, you’re on your own.

Damage to Sex Life: 78.0%

We weren’t exactly sure on this figure, since a 78% means that there’s still a 22% chance of a woman walking by role players and one of them saying, “A minotaur? Here in the Dungeon of Kajmar!? Very well, I swing my axe of axing at th- why hello there, pretty lady. My name’s Twinkleberry, The Spritish Pegasus. Why, as a matter of fact I AM single.”

Distinguishing Characteristics: An RPGeek either wears a black heavy metal shirt or, in tragic attempts at stylishness, a button-up shirt with a wrap-around dragon and flames.

Tak til Abekongen. Jeg fik den på bloggen før ham!

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21. October, 2004 @ 22:43

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