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Fallujah – og det kommende valg

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Zeyah fra Healing Iraq har postet to indlæg: Det ene om den igangværende storm på Fallujah og hvilke konsekvenser den kan få – samt hvor stor splittelse der er mellem sunni’er og shiaer i Irak. Et citat:

A full-scale military operation against Fallujah, which is apparently underway already, seems to be the government’s ‘final solution’. I’m not optimistic to the outcome, especially when significant civilian casualties are unavoidable.

Note, that I’m not suggesting a peaceful or political solution would work either in these areas. Insurgents west of Baghdad have quite obstinately made it clear that nothing but full control of the country, or at least the Anbar governorate, will satisfy them. They have refused to participate in the political process, they have repeatedly announced their intentions to boycott the elections and to disrupt them in other areas, and they do not recognise the government or any other authority in the country beside themselves.

Det andet indslag er mere optimistisk, om hvordan Basra forbereder sig på valget til januar med stor ildhu. Endnu et citat:

People in Baghdad and the surrounding areas may say that elections are irrelevant or that the outcome has already been decided by Zionists/infidels/neocons/imperialists/capitalists/Jews and that puppets/agents/lackeys/mercenaries/traitors will rule the country, but for the people around me here in Basrah, this is a historical moment they have all been waiting for. I admit that I may not share their enthusiasm but it is surely an encouraging scene to witness.

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9. November, 2004 @ 16:48

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