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Getting Story Structure Structurized

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Introducing the new category: Storyware. Storyware is a computer programme that can help the storyteller keep track of his story and fuel his creativity. I’ve tried a few, but not with the results I wanted. Either the programs were too open-ended and unstructurized to be of use, or they were to tightly constrained by specific ideas about how stories are told. Some structural elements are needed, like character templates, act structures and conflict overviews. But at the same time I need to be able to modify the structures.

Not all stories have three acts. Not all stories have one main character and one opposing character. Sometimes I want to use Christopher Voglers 12-step structure, and sometimes I want to use Robert McKee. I need a program that will let me do both, or will let me organise my own structure based on my own idiosyncratic ideas (I am, for example, somewhat addicted to the “Point Of No Return” midpoint and need to be able to use it, even though it contradicts some three-act theories).

But up until now, I really haven’t found the program to help me do all that. I expect all that to change, after I’ve bought Power Structure to help me organize my stories. It seems at once structured with a lot of ‘questions’ (forms to fill) to fuel the creativity, but at the same time it will let me do things my way, and even lets me define my own terminology. I’m just reading the manual here, but will get back to this page when I’ve tried the program some more.

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30. June, 2006 @ 06:54

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