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Screenwriting on the decline

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I just stumbled over this two-years old interview with screen-writing guru Robert McKee. It’s a few years after he was portrayed (not that flatteringly) in the movie Adaptation, and concerns this movie and some background on McKee, but the really interesting stuff is his opinions on where screenwriting stands today:

MCKEE: If I were a young actress trying to get ahead today, I would sleep with a television writer (laughs), because what’s happened in Hollywood is that the very best writers have abandoned screenwriting and they’ve all gone over to TV. We’re now in a golden age of television writing. …

The truth is that TV has marvelous advantages for writers. First of all, the writers run television. … [And] the freedom when you’re good — if you can produce an audience — the freedom of subject matter and the treatment of it is wide open. …

When McKee taught the Story Seminar in New Zealand several years ago, his students included “Lord of the Rings” director Peter Jackson.

Screenwriting as an art form — and movies in general — are on the decline. There may be a renaissance in the future, I don’t know when , but television in the meantime is just taking over.

Its been the talk of the town for years that the really interesting stuff is going on in television, with series like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The West Wing, and so on, but it’s good to hear from the horses mouth, so to speak. Or not so good, if you’re an aspiring screenwriting with a love for movies and no lust for television…

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13. July, 2006 @ 22:31

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