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“Story” in London

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"Story"Here’s where I’m going to be be in mid-november: Robert McKee is coming to London. I missed his seminar in Copenhagen a few years back, but this time I’m determined to put in the money to see the premier screenwriting-guru of our time. Some people have problems with the overly structured neatness of Story, but for me the book was groundbreaking and very useful. This book really took screenwriting theory to a whole new level. I still use the terminology in my daily work, and that should be recommendation enough in itself.

If you’re a struggeling screenwriter (or anoyone else attending the seminar) drop me a note on lars.hvidberg@gmail.com

Skrevet af Lars Hvidberg

13. September, 2006 @ 20:21

Kategorier: Story

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  1. Hey Larry!

    Great site – just read your article on Superman Returns, it was really funny and well written. No big suprise coming from you, but anyway …

    Enjoy the lectures of Mr. McKee – I attended his seminar in Cph. and if that is anything to go by, I can assure you that it will be money well spent.

    See you ’round!

    Tommy Porcelain

    3. Nov 06 @ 12:59

  2. Thanx bro! See ya around.

    Lars Hvidberg

    3. Nov 06 @ 13:54

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