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Penge og magt i Hollywood

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Lyder som en spændende bog: Edward Jay Epstein: The Big Picture: Money and Power in Hollywood.

Fra omtalen hos Chicago Boyz, der analyserer hvorfor en typisk læser af den blog aldrig nogensinde føler sig som målgruppen, når de går i biografen:

The handful of films that will gross more than a billion dollars follow a similar formula:

All of them:

1. are based on children’s stories, comic books, serials, cartoons, or, a theme park ride.
2. feature a child or adolescent protagonist.
3. have a fairy-tale-like plot in which a weak or ineffectual youth is transformed into a powerful and purposeful hero.
4. contain only chaste, if not strictly platonic, relationships between the sexes, with no suggestive nudity, sexual foreplay, provocative language, or even hints of consummated passion.
5. feature bizarre-looking and eccentric supporting characters that are appropriate for toy and game licensing.
6. depict conflict – through it may be dazzling, large-scale, and noisy – in ways that are sufficiently non-realistic, and bloodless, for a rating no more restrictive than PG-13.
7. end happily, with the hero prevailing over powerful villains and supernatural forces (most of which remain available for potential sequels).
8. use conventional or digital animation to artificially create action sequences, supernatural forces, and elaborate settings.
9. cast actors who are not ranking stars – at least in the sense they do not command gross-revenue shares.

In one word, “Spiderman” — in two words, “Harry Potter” — in four, “Lord of the Rings.”


Hold on a minute, though. The formulaic kid-bait and toy franchising represented above is only occasionally represented at awards time. Wasn’t last year’s Golden Globes a festival of gay and transsexual awakening? Yes, indeed it was. For part of the emotional cost of making bilge for children from 8-80 is a deep ennui amongst the creative and management talent that feeds the “sexopoly” – the six-company beast. In order to boost morale and acquire prestige, studios, stars, and directors also participate in making movies of interest to them and those they admire. The result is a number of films that will certainly lose money in the cinemas, have only a small chance of recouping costs in DVD or during free TV broadcast, but which will appeal to the creative talent which otherwise is engaged in making merchandisable blockbusters. Make a blockbuster, get an “art-house” film, and maybe an Oscar, as a reward.

Skrevet af Lars Hvidberg

11. October, 2006 @ 08:57

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  1. Selvom de ofte virker banale, er struktur- og metodikanalyser af film altid vildt interessante…

    … men var dette ikke snarere et job for Dramakirurgen frem for salig Lars Hvidberg at dissekere?


    14. Oct 06 @ 19:01

  2. Du har ret, Niclas, men Dramakirurgen er lige i dvale i øjeblikket. Han er dog ikke afgået ved døden, og samler sikkert snart skalpellen op igen!

    Lars Hvidberg

    15. Oct 06 @ 13:16

  3. Godt at høre, jeg vil på intet tidspunkt se Dramakirurgen blive aflivet med den høje kvalitet og debat, han leverer!


    16. Oct 06 @ 13:08

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