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The Demographics of the World of Warcraft

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Lots of good stuff about the sociological and demographical background of the users of MMO-games (massive multiplayer online games) from The Deadalus Project. Apparently a lot of the cliches are true: Girls really are more likely to use healing spells than boys. More interesting: young players are more inclined to play evil factions.

Specific World of Warcraft-information and good discussion here.

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26. March, 2007 @ 08:50

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  1. Sharing an immense fascination for the MMO psychology and mechanics, I’m perplexed that I haven’t come across that very site; I’ve tried to make up for it, however, by doing an article about the matter for the next issue of Danish videogame magazine >pcplayer. :)

    It’s indeed a great boon to see you start to cover this area in your blog.


    27. Mar 07 @ 19:20

  2. The deadalus project looks very interesting to me. There’s even a survey going on right now that we can participate in!

    Lars Hvidberg

    27. Mar 07 @ 19:28

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