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Hello there! My name is Lawrence Whiteberg, which is the nom-de-blog of Danish writer Lars Hvidberg. I ran my own blog for quite some time at my own personal page, but I got tired of having all that I wrote tied to my own IRL person. Jobwise it got more and more confusing, and at the same time I was using the site both as a professional site and a personal blog. Too many hats to wear. Also, I was experiencing a lot of technical problems, and really wanted something more simple without all the nerdy tech-hassle. Hence: This wordpress.com blog.

On this blog I will write about anything that interests me, in both English and my native Danish. The more professional stuff (about fiction, dramaturgy and internet drama) will be on more “job blog” The Drama Surgeon, and I will still be writing and commenting on the group blog Mandagsbloggen (in Danish, which will probably be co-posted with this blog). But here, everything else: politics, music, whatever. Perhaps I will also include some of my favorite postings from my old blog, Lars Hvidbergs digitale hukommelse. Expect highly irregular postings, as one of the things that annoyed me with the old blog were the responsibility to post, as it was also my own personal site. Here: only pleasure will rule.

Skrevet af Lars Hvidberg

7. April, 2007 @ 19:25

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