Du kan ikke stole på Skype

En lidt gammel nyhed, jeg først bliver opmærksom på nu:

As Salon notes in “Skype sells out to China,” the eBay-owned service has collaborated with a Chinese company to enable spying on the allegedly encrypted messages that Skype users send each other to and from, and within, China. This disgusting sellout should surprise no one.

Skype and its corporate parent, eBay, have been evasive about whether the product is truly secure. There’s ample reason — including this admission attributed to an Austrian law-enforcement agency — to suspect that the company has created backdoors for police.

Beklageligt. Via Internet Freedom Alert.

Hvis du for øvrigt tror, at censur kun finder sted i Kina og Iran, så prøv at google Diego Maradona i Argentina.

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