Obamas hjemlige agenda i problemer

Redaktørerne for Reason Magazine og Reason.tv, Matt Welch og Nick Gillespie, i Washington Post. De advarer imod Obamas alt for omfattende hjemlige agenda og frygter en tilbagevenden til 70’ernes krisestemning – inklusive Carters gyselige cardigan:

What the new president has not quite grasped is that the American people understand both irony and cognitive dissonance. Instead, Obama has mistaken his personal popularity for a national predilection toward emergency-driven central planning. He doesn’t get that Americans prefer the slower process of building political consensus based on reality, and at least a semblance of rational deliberation rather than one sky-is-falling legislative session after another.

Matt Welck og Nick Gillespie er på WaPo til Live Q & A kl. 11 EST (dvs. lige nu).

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