Russiske perspektiver

Evgeny Morozov har nogle interessante russiske perspektiver på kampen mellem Google og Kina. Jeg tror det på længere sigt kan give bagslag for Google, at de har allieret sig så tydeligt med den amerikanske regering, for se her, hvordan den russiske internetekspert Igor Ashmanov vurderer sagen:

On Google as an instrument of the US government and on its role in China: Google is just another way [for the US government] to tease China for not being a democracy and to get it to barge on certain economic issues. So if the Chinese don’t want to weaken remnibi’s exchange rate, we [the US government] would say that, from the perspective of a true religion of democracy – of which the US is the capital – you are heretics and we’ll be teasing you for human rights violations and the like until you weaken the rate…Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, frequently meets with Hillary Clinton, goes to special breakfasts [ at the state department]; the US authorities often say that Google is advancing the causes of democracy in China. How should the Chinese government view this? As an intervention in their affairs. That’s exactly what they are doing…Google was founded in a university, it works with security services – the US government would be silly not use it for America’s own good.

Det er klassiske talking-points fra den del af verden (og fra Berlingskes blogkommentarer i øvrigt), men de giver genlyd hos mange, der ikke bryder sig om vestliggørelse af deres lande.

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