Woodstocks glemte sandhed

Fra Pitchfork Medias anmeldelse af det nye Woodstock-boxset:

The forgotten secret of Woodstock is that it kind of sucked. Culturally, of course, it was a beautiful thing– half a million kids found each other and everything was groovy. The audience was a generation with high ideals, crazy dreams, unreliable drugs, and an inexplicable fondness for Crosby, Stills & Nash, and it finally had something to pull it together that didn’t involve all that many things being set on fire. The port-a-potties were overflowing by Friday night, and the flower people left tons of garbage rotting all over Max Yasgur’s farm, but it’s generally remembered as a positive social experience by people who claim they were there.

The music, on the other hand, didn’t entirely live up to the event’s rep, and there’s been a certain diminishing-returns effect from the recordings that have been released.

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