Mere om Tea Parties

I danske medier er de blevet fremstillet som en samling forrykte tosser, men der er betydeligt mere at sige om deltagerne til de mange “tea parties“, der samlede skatte-skeptiske amerikanere den 15. april. En “broget flok” er nok en mere rigtig betegnelse, og måske et massefænomen med op imod 700.000 deltagere. Her fra Reason:

Judging from the left’s hysterical reaction, something really big must have happened. But the only way to really understand the left’s misinformed and paranoid attacks is to realize that the protests represent tangible proof that basic libertarian values continue to resonate with the American electorate. That, apparently, is a difficult thing for some to accept.

I attended the tea party in Atlanta along with 15,000 other activists, and was struck by the makeup of the crowd. This was not a typical conservative Republican rally, with local GOP activists, Ron Paul enthusiasts, and single-issue obsessives. (Those folks always show up—and they did in Atlanta.) The difference was the new people: Young hipsters, families, angry moms, and retirees alike left their normal routines and work obligations to show up in protest of government policies that they passionately believe will ruin what is unique about America.

Te-festerne tager naturligvis deres navn fra det berømte Boston Tea Party, der startede koloniernes oprør mod briterne i 1773.